Trucking And Project Cargo Services

Over the last decade the sales and deliveries of complete industrial installations have boosted and PT. Renthar Lines involvement in project cargo services has steadily increased over the years, keeping pace with it’s growing needs.

PT. Renthar Lines experience in project forwarding extends the whole Indonesian Archipelago which includes the islands of Sumatera, Borneo, Timor, Maluku, Sulawesi, Irian Jaya and Java. The exportation of an entire automobile plant from Surabaya to Manila on a door to door basis and deliveries of heavy lift pieces to remote areas, including the final movement onto foundation by jacking and skidding are just some of our experiences.

PT. Renthar Lines experience to handling in project trucking LowBat for load the cargo over dimension & over weight and we can handle too. For Crane to loading the goods until up to 50 tons. The modes of delivery and equipment used vary, from prime movers with deeploaders to LCT’s (Landing Craft Tank) in combination with module trailers which dimensions can be tailored to the characteristics of each individual ‘heavy lift’ or ‘out-of-gauge’ piece of equipment. To fulfill customer needs and satisfaction, we also provide delivering fast container movement from carrier’s depo to shipper’s warehouse, custom clearance handling, custom documentation, own heavy vehicles with experience staff and latest tools to control any trucking movement. No doubt that PT. Renthar Lines will always provide a fast service for both export & import movement. Any requirement please contact our operation and trucking division.

Our project cargo specialist plan, coordinate and supervise the entire process of the operation with a constant emphasis on cargo security and safety to avoid loss, damage and all claims and assuring that clean bills of delivery are obtained without a problem.